Teacher assessment in primary science (TAPS)- New support offer in light of  COVID-19


Effective formative assessment that supports and enables responsive teaching will allow more quality learning time to be spent focussing on what really matters in relation to pupil scientific progression. Catching up on curriculum gaps requires focussed assessment and an understanding of age appropriate scientific behaviours. SATC is continuing to support, promote and provide access to TAPS professional learning through OA fully funded offer to this EEF relevant programme.

TAPS- External Expertise to the City

Dr Sarah Earle has agreed to continue her tutoring and mentoring directly with our city schools.

TAPS- What can I do and when can I do it?

CPD models for TAPS participants have been hugely adapted to increase the flexibility and access to the ideas, the information and the resources. Dates and opportunities to take part, learn about, select themes to understand and new approaches to try have been hugely increased as a result of virtual forums allowing Stoke teachers to select from a wider choice of dates and to access online live and online video blended learning. This increased flexibility allows more teachers to access at times that suit both the school and the individual circumstances. A blended and bespoke offer that means that several colleagues can attend sessions without disrupting capacity in school.

Invitation from Sarah Earle to join the TAPS online professional learning programme

The Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS) project aims to build a shared understanding of progression in science to support our COVID-response, utilising a wide range of formative strategies to help identify pupil starting points and address gaps in both concepts and skills.

TAPS has developed a new programme of online professional learning that provides full support for teachers new to TAPS, as well as ongoing support for those who have previously attended training.  The programme will comprise of a mix of new training videos, COVID-adapted resources, activities to try in class and a choice of half-termly live sessions.

Dates for the diary – You select

The first live session (dates below) will include discussion with teachers from across the country about how to make the most of science in the current context.

– 1st 1hr live session 1.30 or 4pm on 5th, 6th, 7th or -8th October (Repeats- you select)

– 2nd 1hr live session 1.30 or 4pm on 9th, 10th, 11th -12th November (Repeats you select)

Sign up to join the programme and access to the new training materials here

TAPS How do I make sure the strategies make the biggest difference?

To meet with the DfE standards for CPD and the collaborative nature of effective teacher learning a Stoke-on-Trent TAPS community of practice will be established to provide the opportunity for those who would like to deepen and further implement the TAPS ethos across their school. This will be a series of additional online meetings with Dr Sarah Earle and TAPs champions as facilitators. Peers and schools across the city will meet regularly (online) to discuss approaches, barriers and share solutions (first session on 21st October). You can indicate your school’s interest in joining this group at the end of the sign up form. Or alternatively, those only wanting to join the community as they are confident in TAPS through previous CPD can use the Stoke Eventbrite link https://tapscommunityofpractice.eventbrite.co.uk