Please note the opportunities available and forward to those that will benefit from taking up the offer. The Science across the City team are very excited about these opportunities and we want to share with all schools across Stoke-on-Trent.

Universal Offer- If you are a Stoke-on-Trent School you can apply for any or all of the following:


Join a group of schools engaged in collective planned science clubs with a focus on employability attributes and links to STEM role models. The city now has a clubs coordinator in role that is supporting sharing of practice to focus on science for me now and for my future. You can enhance what you are already doing or start a new club. There is funding to support activities to arrive ready prepared and to arrange visitors.

Complete this short survey to express interest

Or contact  for more information.


2: SCIENCE WEEK THEATRE TRIP: 21st March- 25th March 2022

STEM SISTERS is a  professional theatre production that focuses on female scientists of the past. Using professional stage puppetry children experience a range of music genres in a theatre setting. Funding from the OA, the arts council, the RSC, and the Ogden Trust has enabled this show to come to The Mitchel Memorial Theatre, Hanley. With nine shows throughout the week there are enough places for every school to bring FREE their full cohort of either Year 5 OR Year 6 – your choice. Book quickly to guarantee your tickets and to support our organisation-please do not book spares as we want this opportunity to be available as widely as possible. Cultural Capital meets Science Capital set in historical correct contexts. See links below:

Event Date/Time Booking Link
STEM Sisters Monday 21st  March – 1pm
STEM Sisters Tuesday 22nd  March – 10:30am
STEM Sisters Tuesday 22nd March– 1pm
STEM Sisters Wednesday 23rd March – 10:30am
STEM Sisters Wednesday 23rd March – 1pm
STEM Sisters Thursday 24th March – 10:30am
STEM Sisters Thursday 24th March – 1pm
STEM Sisters Friday 25th March – 10:30am
STEM Sisters Friday 25th March –  1pm










February and March 2022 Meet a scientist/ Meet an actress. A real life female  scientist X-ray crystallographer and an actress as the inspirational Mary Anning will be in attendance in the City to offer workshops for groups of 60 children either pre the theatre or post the theatre. These workshops are designed to deepen learning from the theatre visits so that the enrichment enhances curriculum and supports memorable and relevant recall. These events will need to be coordinated around host schools and clusters- To make travel minimum for schools and to allow the workshops to be set up in one school or base per day. Express interest via this form  so that central co-ordination of what works best for all can be scheduled.


Pre-order your printed set of My EVERYDAY SCIENCE CARDS KS1 and or KS2. These cards are professionally written and freely available on TES but busy teachers don’t get time to download, flick through and select the ones that will work best in their contexts. Children love doing science at home and so simple practical ideas linked directly to the curriculum support pre thinking to bring to the lesson or metacognition to take away from the lesson bridging home activity and school learning. Order Here

5. QUALITY TEXTS – How do we know?(APRIL-JANUARY 2022)

We know from the Year 6 diagnostics (June 2021) that Gravity causes a challenge for many children, and whilst they can say the word, write the word, use the word, the meaning or concept has not been sufficiently developed or understood. Jules Pottle (author of the Jasper the Spider book- now in all Stoke Schools), has agreed to write a new book to focus on Year 3, language building, in the context of this tricky topic of gravity. We are now recruiting  teachers to collaborate with each other and give feedback to the author on how they know, or recognise the difference that the approach makes in practice. We already have five teacher requests to be part of this forum. There are seven places remaining- open to non-science specialists interested in text and language as well as Year 3 teachers and of course science leads too!

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The above are additional offers made available through the Gender Equal Opportunities Cabinet office. In accepting the funding offer of free support the project asks and anticipates that engaged teachers will think about and talk about unconscious bias and employability. A number of short research led workshops will be provided to stimulate the professional engagement. Watch out for dates to join the dialogue