Towards A Distributed Network Model

(A sustainable infrastructure for Subject leaders)

SATC believes that subject leaders for science should be supported to do their role and to do their role well. Attending a regular network provides a chance to say in touch with updates, stay in touch with professional buddies, to ask the daft questions and to be energised with new ideas that actually work in other schools similar to your own. A network can be a space to build professional friendship and inspiration.

Two years ago SATC mapped and gapped the network offers across the City. Subject leaders are busy people and should be able to attend the network most relevant to them. We do not want to re-invent the wheel- where a network exists and is successful please continue to attend and support it. Ogden partnerships, Core 4, many trusts are all well established and effective forums.

Remove learning has changed the landscape and as we move forward with our planning for networks next year we need to know where the need is and to be able to map fresh that need. A number of our science influencers have stepped forward as wanting to run a local network. There is an opportunity for a distributed network model with small groups or families of schools meeting either termly or in shorter meetings via e tools.

Please help us to map the coverage across the city so that we do not have any lonely subject leaders working in isolation. Our short survey is a simple yes or no! Following the survey we can see the need for which new networks. This will be instead of the SATC centralised North and South offer set up pre- COVID. Alternatively you might be in touch directly with an influencer or science coach and suggest to them that you would like to be part of a network set up if they were thinking of setting one up!


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