The CPD learning community led by the Thinking Doing Talking Science research team has made a huge difference in many of our schools. We know this as the feedback from head teachers describes a culture shift in classrooms from worksheets of answers to child led deeper understanding of science ideas.

Following the success of the first cohort a further opportunity to engage in this high quality EEF linked CPD taking place locally for Stoke-on-Trent schools. Places are fully funded. The offer encourages two teachers from a school to attend where possible as this is in line with DfE principles of collaborative practice, the offer is able to extend the experience for those schools that did attend but have teachers that have not yet benefitted directly and for those schools that have not yet taken part.

As we move from crisis curriculum planning and ensure we are focussing on getting back on track, teachers secure in their  subject knowledge with a repertoire of approaches to deepen learning will be essential. Although the OA offer has provided a variety of choices if you were to only do one of our offers and do it really well then TDTS should be high on your priority list. Highly recommended by local HTs.

Adapted to be virtual and so accessible to all.

Click here to book your fully funded place.