A once in a 400 year event is happening now and you, your children and their families can be part of it! The GREAT CONJUNCTION is at its peak on the 21st December 2020. This is the point at which Jupiter and Saturn are almost on top of each other in the sky. The closest they have been for about 400 years. A fascinating Christmas fact to share is that it is thought by some that the star of Bethlehem was actually a ‘Great Conjunction’.


So it is easy -simply look South West at around 6pm- any evening between now and the 30th and take a photo when possible.Lets share our photos of the conjunction  on social media, using the hashtag #GreatConjunctionKeele and these will then be added  to a database as a legacy to this once in 400 year event! Alternatively email photos to  s.r.walker@keele.ac.uk. Those keen enthusiasts inspired by this event are very welcome to join the community of interested people in the Live event with Keele University.

 Being part of the wider community and sharing learning is at the heart of what we do at science across the city-so from all at the Science across the city team, happy scientific wondering and inspirational wishes for the new year.