Would you and your colleagues like to refresh your subject knowledge when delivering a new primary science topic?

Would you like to join other local teachers as they participate in local focussed webinars?

Or are you finding it difficult to join in live meetings at the time they are scheduled but are still committed to improving subject knowledge. and want to access remote learning at a time that best suits you?

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Focus on Subject Knowledge

(Science Across the City brings the following to Stoke, 2020)

Targeted directly for teachers that are not science specialists seeking to Improve their own subject knowledge and so build the effectiveness of classroom practice.

A deeper understanding of scientific subjects is known to lead to more profound learning and improved long-term recall of important key ideas.  Many STEM organisations are keen to help teachers with offers of resources and solutions to make learning more meaningful, relevant and engaging for children.

Do you struggle to teach aspects of Biology? Want help with Physics? Or do you want to expand on your chemistry knowledge? Fully funded by the OA- we are providing a series of workshops with key organisations and expertise. If you are unsure about some of the tricky bits then register to attend any or all of the subject knowledge focussed CPD offers.

Subject Event Title Organisation Booking Link
Biology – Evolution Jules Pottle Jules Pottle & The Mollie Bird PSTT & Science through stories https://forms.gle/ZroCYTiFCZnPr41p7
Chemistry – Year 5 States of Matter Heidi Dobbs Words matter: Progression through understanding Royal Society of Chemistry https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/words-matter-progression-through-understanding-year-5-chemistry-tickets-121505380865
Physics – Forces Scott Walker Year 5 – Forces
Including class set of kit to loan- specific to this topic.
STEM Ambassadors
Ogden Trust
Please email info@scienceacrossthecity.co.uk to register interest
Physics – Electricity Scott Walker Year 6 – Electricity
Including class set of kit to loan – specific to this topic
STEM Ambassadors
Ogden Trust
Please email info@scienceacrossthecity.co.uk to register interest

Recommended by a Stoke Science influencer-:  Reach Out CPD allows anytime access as an alternative to live webinar.


Karen says ‘Reach out CPD is a fantastic resource covering everything from plants to planets.  There are free 20-minute chunks of subject knowledge and I highly recommend’.


“Having a teacher with specific subject knowledge was often a matter of chance in primary schools, although  effective primary schools knew this and took steps to minimise the risk of its absence. They  found ways to identify and tackle weaknesses in teachers’ subject knowledge, such as through links with partner schools, using lead  teachers and experts, or securing focused professional development.” Ofsted