COVID-19 is the talk of every community, every classroom, and every home. Empowering children with the essential science for public understanding is a responsibility that teachers are taking seriously.

  • Do you know the science behind the news?
  • Do you recognise the importance of better understanding for children about the pandemic?
  • Do you have time to design enquiry approaches to build better understanding of the evidence and the scientific uncertainty?

FREE To all schools: National lead science consultants have produced a series of lessons that teach explicitly COVID-19 vocabulary and identify ways that KS2 children can apply the five enquiry types to their learning. For use in school or to support home learning. The NC says that children should be helped to make sense of the world around us. Download the free resource to decide how it might help you and your teachers.


Science Across the city upcoming quick win

For Year 6 Stoke-on-Trent teachers- Order your four free copies now.

The Mollie Bird pupil book requests- Four free copies per school- Register at the link to be sure to receive your copies before half term.