It has been amazing to hear the feedback from schools of the difference that the local focus on primary science has made so far. Thank you for the kind and positive comments about the expertise that we have identified and the relationships between schools that have been established.

Now is the time to be critically reflective as we look backwards in order to look forwards. Please join us in thinking about our BAR. Apologies to those that were drawn in by the thought of a well earned drink! BAR is a really useful  evaluative tool seen in use in higher order thinking classrooms. Transferring classroom practice to project practice SATC ask that you help to steer our future plans:

B- What would you make bigger or want more of? From your experience of the offer  what needs to continue and reach further or dig deeper?

A- Noting that our remit is supporting the work force and our mantra is ‘putting staff first’, What would you add to the Stoke-on-Trent primary science offer?

R- What can we remove, or do less of, that is no longer needed or can be done by a different organisation?

Simple three question feedback to share your BAR thoughts