Science is an exciting stimulating subject where pupils get to ask questions and find out through exploration. The primary science community in Stoke is finding ways to maintain the profile of this key subject and not lose the value of investigative child led learning.

How to meet regulations

Find below the official guidance on managing hands on activities in a partially reopened school from CLEAPSS.

How to be part of a group and yet work on your own

Schools across Stoke-on-Trent are starting the return to school with plans for science exploration. Our children have been immersed in a world where science has featured daily, now is a great time to encourage children to think as scientists, to ask questions, to recognise uncertainty and to test out ideas. Whilst activity in school will be individual the sharing of ideas and pupil science can continue beyond the classroom and even be part of a national campaign. In the first week back (deadline to complete upload to feature on the Stoke film set- 10th June) take photos of children’s work- A question- An experiment- A thought or ponder, Simply upload this to the University of Manchester Great Science Share website and note the school postcode.

On the 16th June a film will be launched showcasing science going on across the city. From isolation in a classroom to being part of a celebration of city wide science. Any questions – E mail Or to take part – Click here to Register (Free and easy)

To upload your share -( pupil work- pupil photograph- classroom photograph- school grounds photograph- whatever you want in the film)

How to go to a science subject leader meeting and not leave your bubble

15th June was scheduled as Stoke on Trent science SL networks (Summer Term). An alternative approach to meetings was needed.

What an exciting opportunity to have shared school reflections on science teaching and learning that includes subject leaders and the pupils in their classroom. SATC plans to launch the first ever Stoke Children’s Science Council -An innovative approach to sharing of ideas between schools. Each meeting will have six schools with children asking questions about how science is taught in other schools. The meeting will be structured and facilitated by a host – Helen Spring and last one hour. The video conference will be via zoom and can be played through your whiteboard.

The children do not need to leave their desks and yet still engage with other schools. There will be separate KS1 and KS2 options depending on which group the subject leader is allocated to. The experts in pedagogy are actually the children-Lets learn and listen together. Register your school seat at the science council meeting at: