STEM stakeholders across the UK are all actively offering support and suggesting great stuff to support STEM activities at home. The problem for busy teachers is tracking through all this stuff to select for their school. Science across the city have put together a Top links list and were determined to keep the list short and focussed. Our top three ideas to support families for learning in a STEM context.

Number 1. Dr Chips – A daily dose of STEM- Live lesson every day at 10am. First one yesterday was very authentic with a real teacher, teaching from his dining table, building rapport with shout outs and some humour too. We selected this because it is live and daily and easy for all.

Number 2. Marvin and Milo- The IOP have sent a pack of postcards with the primary cartoon characters Marvin and Milo. Each postcard has an age appropriate STEM activity. You can co-ordinate those at home and those in school to be trying the same activity at the same time. We selected this one because you can timetable Marvin and Milo over the next few weeks so you can encourage chat and feedback with IT tools for pupils to share results from the same experiments building a sense of community linking those in and out of school.

Number 3. Follow the twitter feed of Scott Walker. We chose this as Scott is known across all our schools and understands our context. His highly regarded input in schools that is usually face to face will continue to have an impact from his home to you. I am told that you don’t have to be a twitter user to access the thread.

Celebrate and Share your STEM stories through your school twitter feeds- continue to build a sense of STEM profile and relevance for all our children and their futures.

Bdest Wishes

Tina & Karen