Buddy test case today!
Fast changing contexts around the city mean that teacher needs for support are changing daily.
Increasing numbers of teachers are at home. The scenario is unique for each teacher, some on their own, some with children, some with family concerns, some relaxed, some not relaxed!.

SATC science influencers today trialled a Zoom 30 minute drop in. This is an easy to use video conference tool and is free (keep the meeting below 40 minutes!). The chat was a chance to touch base and share who is thinking about what. It was really lovely and positive to smile and feel a sense of community. The team suggested that we increase the number of on-line meetings and invite others to join in , so creating a network of buddies. A great idea- so let’s test it out.

How might being a buddy help you and others?

  • You stop watching the news for a while.
  • You can fill your brain with other thinking.
  • You find others are working on the things you are working on and are delighted to share.
  • Most importantly it is very human to feel better through connectivity.

Get in touch if you would like to volunteer to be a buddy and be on a meeting rota.

Get in touch if you have a science focus that you want to bounce ideas around about (PSQM to curriculum planning? Activity to send home to what is the answer to my own Child’s homework!.

SATC will try to map out common themes and set up a series of hosted buddy groups 3-6 people sharing thinking without any pressures of deadlines, just a chance to catch up.
Maybe the first conversations might be about what you think re the STFC books that have arrived this week.So if you ae in school take the chance to take one home with you!

Take Care

Tina & Karen