The SATC team are keen to continue to support teachers and learning in primary science across the city. There are a number of ways we can do this and the most efficient way to communicate next steps will be through the e mail updates. The e mail will no longer be weekly but will be posted as relevant.

Engaging with teachers in different ways

All face to face events are postponed until further notice. Communities of practice across teacher focused groups will be encouraged and supported through on line forums but these will not take place this term whilst schools and teachers are planning. This includes TDTS, PSQM and TAPS. The deadline for PSQM has been extended for Round 19. More to follow on this.

Enabling good science learning for pupils and families studying at home

A colleague at Manchester University that I hold in high regard and is school based as well as a consultant to national programmes is going to host on line primary science lessons at 10am each day. These will be practical, involve questions and fit the philosophy of science that we advocate within our project. The web link is below. You might want to consider using this link in the quality assured links that you give to families through your own IT learning platforms.

Enabling quick solutions for problem based STEM activities for schools supporting key workers

For schools that are opening to pupils with key workers it is important that there is good quality with minimal preparation and workload to those involved. SATC has identified a provider that will collate STEM pupil packs of activities with a weekly theme and these packs will be delivered to schools directly. Each weekly box will provide approx 6 hours of learning and will be directly linked to an inspirational science hero video talking about the activity and about their role as a scientist. And soon as we know centrally which schools are open the resources can be scheduled to arrive next week.

Are you open for key workers?

Who is your contact for the boxes to be delivered to? Name and e mail and role