What can you expect from the SATC team during the change of approach in school

We are:

  • Continuing to make STEM high profile. Encouraging and identifying innovative and age appropriate resources for children both at home and those in school.
  • Continuing to engage with stakeholders. Generous support from Ogden Trust, Keele University and STFC at York University to make science books and kit easily available for schools to share.
  • Keeping in touch with reality and each other with more regular e mails- Response to phone calls and now video conference drop ins too. Communities matter.
  • CPD systems are currently flexible and fast adapting, PSQM has informed schools of submission deadline changes, TAPS have agreed to new dates from September 2020 and TDTS are currently adapting to online webinars.

Challenging times calling for increased diversity and drive to focus collaboration across the city.