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Local good news stories of Stoke science teachers influencing National practice. Find out more

Primary Science Capital: A Whole School teaching approach PSTT & Ogden Trust. This is a National Research Project with a handful of school trailblazing and trialling approaches in primary classrooms.


Celebrating the involvement of Emily Northwood, science lead at St Maria Goretti Catholic Academy is contributing and sharing her findings to this initiative.

Primary Science Teacher Award Winners 2019 recently announced an additional teacher fellow in this area.

Congratulations to Emily White at St Gregories Catholic Academy for this recent achievement. Click here for detail

ASE Tackling the big ideas of evolution.

This new project is producing teaching resources and professional learning strategies for primary teachers of children aged 9-11 years to support their knowledge and understanding of the big ideas of evolution, the nature of scientific enquiry and the strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge.

Congratulations to Lucy Holdcroft, science lead at Moorpark Junior School to be selected for the formal trials and to find out what pupils think, say and learn from these new approaches. Click here

Check out the regular Friday five minute e mail updates for resources and opportunities from quality recognised offers.

This week see – Nominations now open for PSTT science teacher awards 2020. (Deadline 12th June)


Upcoming Dates for SATC locally
4th March 1:15-3:30pm,Stoke Sixth Form. Digging Deeper to the STEM landscape –

How can CLEAPSS help to improve practical work in the primary classroom?

11th March Network North (morning) Network South (afternoon)

25th March Thinking Doing Talking Science, TDTS day 4

3rd April PSQM new cohort day 1 (OA £600 subsidy still available)