Headteachers talk with subject leaders to focus on science priorities subject leaders often comment that they feel science lacks importance and profile in their school.

What better way to demonstrate that science is valued than making time and space for professional conversation! However for many senior leaders in primary schools there is uncertainty around the national current issues and development themes relevant to primary science. SATC in collaboration with PSQM is proposing a primary science SEF tool to stimulate professional reflection and dialogue between senior leaders and subject leaders.  How does your school decide on science next steps.
SATC believes that the new SEF tool is a unique resource. SATC intends a legacy of opportunity area funding is to provide schools with an electronic tool with click through choice tabs and apparently quite straightforward coding, easy, quick and functional.

Today SATC awaits anxiously as it releases the prep phase of the SEF tool and asks for your feedback and comments. Useful or not? Trial document available to download. click here.

Your opinion matters. If SATC get it right schools and subject leaders will  have a shorter to do list and a better focus on real priorities.  Signposted brokerage to relevant STEM support will make a bigger difference to intended needs.

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